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SOSA's mission is to build a cooperative effort to transform the greater Topeka area into a no-kill community.

Killing in the face of alternatives of which you are not aware, but should be, is unforgivable...killing in the face of alternatives you simply refuse to implement, or about which you remain willfully ignorant, is nothing short of obscene. Nathan Winograd


The No Kill Revolution in America


Reforming Animal Control Webinar


No More Excuses No More Compromises No More Killing

“We all have to get along” is code for “don’t criticize us when we betray the animals.” There are four legs holding up the table of killing: 1. The Myth of Pet Overpopulation, 2. The Myth that We All Want the Same Thing, 3. The Myth that We All Must Get Along (even when the groups betray our cause), and 4. The Myth of Fates Worse than Death. We betray the animals when we put allegiance to those mythologies and the groups which promote them above saving lives. ~Nathan Winograd


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